Monday, March 29, 2010


We have a vacation coming up after April 15th. Happy Mom and I thought it would be best to introduce Little Guy to a pool before we left. We do not want the pool to be a culture shock or a scary place to be - he loves baths but you never know what all that wide open water would do to Little Guy. So, we took Little Guy to an indoor pool, complete with a large water slide and another small one for little tikes.

When we got into the water, Little Guy wasn't scared, however he was a little nervous at all the noise and comotion from kids playing in the water. It probably took about five minutes or so, then he figured out that slapping both hands onto the water was really fun!! REALLY fun.

Little Guy was a natural in the water, especially when I helped him down the little slide. Happy Mom got the best view, as when he went down, with me holding him of course, his mouth would open wide with exitement!! :)

I think Little Guy is going to enjoy his first family vacation.

Now it would only be great if we were going here on April 16th. I guess that will have to wait until this winter. Maybe Aunt Stephey and her family will come along.

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