Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Big Poppy's Barbershop

In case anyone was wondering, yes we planned on giving Little Guy a haircut, but not until hockey season is over. Although the NHL season is going on, we consider the hockey season over since our favorite college hockey team is officially done playing. :(

Thus, Little Guy can get his haircut. Unfortunately, I used poor judgement in when this should be done and how much should be cut. Let's just say there was no "Happy" in Happy Mom, when she got home from work to find Little Guy's ears were lowered.

I take full responsibility for butchering Little Guy's hair. I learned a valuable lesson in giving haircuts and that is, do not attempt without consulting your better half, and after seeing the results, I'm not so sure I should be the one doing the cutting in the future. Little Guy did manage a partial smile for me, but probably because he wasn't looking into a mirror.

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