Monday, December 14, 2009

6 Month Pictures

A couple weeks ago we took Little Guy for his six month pictures. Here's your warning, he is so darn cute you may have difficulty looking away.

Little Guy is getting ready for Santa Clause and seems very excited about Santa Coming to Town.

As many people have commented, Little Guy does not miss any meals. He also likes to keep an eye on his treats but looks like he is willing to share with Santa Clause - this year.

Do you notice the gray socks? Happy Mom failed to plan the outfit change properly. Good thing Little Guy is so happy go lucky.

Sometime Little Guy gets too excited and will not sit by himself because of how much he is trying to look around. The cropped picture looks like Little Guy is sledding down the hill in his Grumpy Old Men hat.

Pure sweetness is all I can say.


  1. Your lil one is adorable. :) I just had to say hi as my hubby would *kill* to name a future pet (or child, perhaps) Jeter. Beautiful dog!

  2. Hey woman! Great pics! I LOVE that hat! Cute here, but sooo cute in person. It was nice to see you guys on Sat!


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