Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mean Mommy

Little Guy was recently introduced to these:
Click to link - no there is no money involved.
He is a big fan. There are lots "hmmm" and "yummm" and other sounds of happiness while Little Guy is enjoy some puffs. The other night Happy Mom went to put the food away. Little Guy started crying. He was very unhappy with Happy Mom's actions.

What does Happy Mom do when she realized what was causing Little Guy grief?

It became a game to her.

Show Little Guy the puffs, see a happy boy:


Take the puffs, see an unhappy boy and a giggling mommy.

Then repeat the above actions.

I love my wife but I need to put her in time-out. That's just mean to torture Little Guy and find it funny.

** Special Note by Happy Mom on Wednesday morning: The pictures taken above were done while I was out of the house. Who's the big meany now!?! **


  1. HA! He has you guys trained ☺

  2. you guys are terrible! i'll have to make sure Little Guy has a year supply-hidden around the house (aka sofa!)


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