Friday, July 1, 2011

I Know

I know I am not always the best at keeping things updated.

I know that I have many areas to improve myself.

I know that despite my many flaws I have a beautiful family, both here and far away.

I know that these blue eyes see the best in everyone, including me.

I know our love and happiness is real.

I know that we open our arms love everyone, furry or not.

I know this Little Guy is learning from the best man I know.

I know having a best friend helps you jump feet first.

I know having some you trust, respect and love is vital.

I know that power of flying on your own.

I know the power of keeping people close.

I know I have a wonderful family.

I know how truely lucky I am.

NOTE: These are a few of the pictures from Little Guys two year photos. I know - we look good. :)

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