Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Quick One

We have been playing hard and enjoying the sunshine while it lasts. I cannot wait to give you the insider scoop soon on our play time. Until then, let me tell you about yesterday.

A normal Monday, off to work we go. Little Guy had a field trip and got to see all kinds of animals - his favorite was the lizard. Big Poppy worked hard too but my firm closed the office early and volunteered with a HOME program. Outside (I realize Big Poppy is outside all day too, up and down a ladder, but between appointments he get the cool AC of his vehicle). The heat index was H-O-T. I lucked out and was on inside window washing duty. After our volunteering we played mini-golf and am quite amazed there was no heat stroke. We grabbed a drink and food and enjoyed co-workers outside of the office.

But the best part came when I got home. The door came open and I hear a THUMP. Then the patters of little feet running at the same time "MOMMY!"

Man, it was good to come home to such a welcome.

I wonder why Big Poppy didn't say "WIFE!".

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