Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Birthday Fun

This past weekend was GrandC's birthday and today is FavoriteNiece's birthday (a new niece will be appearing soon, I may need to rethink this name). For a low-key celebration, we went a few rides and had a little lunch. Of course there were presents and cake (or key lime pie)! I truly believe the reason why some people do not like getting older has everything to do with how we celebrate birthdays.

When we are first beginning to celebrate our birthday, family and close friends come over to eat cake and ice cream. A lot of the time those that love us spoil us with presents. SIDEBAR: Spoiling is ok, in moderation. Spoiling to the point of rottenness, not ok.

As our birthday draw nears, we sit in anticipation, not quite sure what will happen this year. Will the cake be chocolate? Will our favorite food be served? It is all so very exciting, waiting to see is going to happen. 

Then, on the day, THE DAY, things really start to look up.

Before we know it, our heart is racing. The thrill of our birthday brings so many smiles.

I understand why some may not like getting older. The slice of cake we eat gets smaller. The number of people who see or call you or send a card on your birthday reduces dramatically. Suddenly, telling someone "Happy Birthday" on Facebook is socially acceptable. The personal connection is gone.

It's time to treat every one's birthday like a special day. I challenge you for the next year to send a card. Use the phone as a phone (i.e. don't text or Facebook). Eat a big slice of cake. Celebrate those you care about. Reconnect. And above all, have fun. Have a happy birthday. Help someone else have a happy birthday.

Happy Birthday to our FavoriteNiece!

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