Monday, July 11, 2011

Open Doors

When you open a door, many different outcomes may happen.

If you leave a door closed and do not see what the possibility is behind a closed door, what you have is what you get.

As a child, we open doors all the time. We are curious to see what kind of treasures are just waiting for us to find them. When presented with a new door, are you taking the chance to see what treasure awaits you or are you scared to venture out into the unknown?

Most of the time, as adults we don't seek out new doors. I wonder, are we limiting ourselves in order to stay on the safe, predictable and happy path of life? Perhaps it's time for us to look for new doors and show Little Guy what new treasures we find.

4th of July - Posts to come to let you know what's up. We have been busy looking for new doors and finding the right one for our family.
Somewhat related - the website has completely changed how it looks to create posts. This new door is going to take some time getting use to. :)

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