Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Those are Stickers

We do are best to keep Little Guy clean. Sometimes it is difficult because he is an active little boy. I promise, his shirt is not dirty here. He is just really into stickers.

Stickers can be used a bribe or a reward or, if I'm feeling naughty, torture (as you keep the stickers just out of reach but within eye sight but are unable to hear "sticker, sticker, sticker" - which is said in an increasingly whiny voice).

What I like to do sometimes is time Little Guy's reaction time. You ask him polite to come see you. No response. You may tell him to come see you in a little more authoritative tone. No response. You ask if he would like a sticker.

And in true fashion, as soon as Little Guy sees the camera, the smile brightens his face.

He also moves quicker when there is a camera around.

A camera could likely make Little Guy move quicker than stickers do.

And he just cannot wait to see his face on the camera's display.

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