Thursday, June 2, 2011


Big Poppy and I like to be active. No surprise to anyone that knows us.

Admitly, I lost a bit of myself this past year while I was trying to be the perfect Happy Mom. Do you know what I realized? This Mommy is a lot happier when she has sweated out the stress of the day. Those quick workouts that barely cause a blimp on the heart rate monitor and the attitude "at least I did something" do not help me on my quest to being the perfect Wife and Mommy to Big Poppy and Little Guy.

This gal needs a good old fashion, sweating like a pig while breathing so hard it might wake a sleeping child.

And some mornings, it does wake a sleeping child.

At that point, the treadmill is stopped and it is on to weights - which I despise unless I'm strong and therefore avoid at all possible costs. Yes, I do realize to get strong I need to lift the weights. I said I was on the quest to be the perfect Wife and Mommy to my family, not the perfect workout parnter.

On this particular morning, Little Guy rolled out of bed and was ready to show me how to create biceps.

He has very good form, for a two year old.

He is also very good at counting to ten.

The only issue we have when Little Guy rolls out of bed to be my personal trainer is the weight size. I like him to stick to his one pounders. He is not always a fan of pink and wants to pick up the heavier, gray weights I use. (Notice I said "I use" - feel free to kindly remind Big Poppy we have an adequate workout room or that the weather is pretty nice outside these days. Is it shameful to enlist your help in getting Big Poppy back on the workout trail? You can also kindly remind Big Poppy that workout endorphines are a good thing and have him look to me as an example.)

Anyways, Little Guy is very good at bicep curls. He must get that from me.

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