Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Growing Boy, Jumping Boy

Last month was Little Guy's birthday. It also means it was time to check in the doctor and see how he compares to other little boys in terms of growth. As expected, he is a tall little guy (I am starting to get looks from people that don't understand he isn't as old has his height makes him appear. You know the looks, why isn't he potty trained - more on that to come - or he should be speaking better by now.)

Vitals at Twenty-four Months

Height: 35 1/2" (90 percentile)
Weight: 28 lbs 7.5 oz (50-75 percentile)
Head: 49.8 cm (50-75 percentile)
Click here for vitals at eighteen months.

Two year pictures are on the way. From the sneak peak, I am very pleased. It helps to have such a handsome family.

*** Can I tell you how annoying it is to have program updates running in the background while I am trying to do this update. Things are running very slow and I need to leave in a few minutes. Sometimes, I think computers are meant to irritate me. ***

Along with being a growing boy, Little Guy is also a jumping boy. He finds anything and everything to use as his launching pad, including yoga blocks.

Prior to jumping, one must count to three.

After reaching three, bend the knees, put a smile on your face and prepare for blast off.

Now it is time to enjoy the flight.

A safe landing is desirable, however, tumbling to the ground also offers up loads of fun.
And if you are lucky Little Guy, I will soon be able to hide the shirt you are wearing so Big Poppy cannot put it on you ever again. When you look back to pictures and it looks like you wore the same shirt every day please know that was not the case, however Big Poppy put it on you once a week and let other shirts gather dust in your drawer (Big Poppy helps him get ready in the morning most of the time).

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