Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Just Like Daddy

With a puppy (he will always be my puppy) named Jeter, it seems fairly obvious baseball is an important part of our life. Sports in general are a good outlet for us while playing and going to games together is a way we enjoy spending time together.

Little Guy already has quite an arm on him - or at least that is what others are saying. With a little help, he is also getting a pretty good baseball swing. Little Guy is becoming just like Daddy - a love of playing sports.

Don't take my word, look for yourself.

Or, it appears I am unable to load the video of Little Guy swinging the bat. I've tried three times now all with the same message. Take my word for it, with every swing, Little Guy would laugh and laugh and laugh. The neighbors were really enjoying the BP in the front yard.

Tapping Home Plate

This Bat Might Be A Little Big

I Caught the Ball

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