Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mr. Roboto

One of the hilarious things to watch is how kids do things when they are first learning. I cannot tell you how many times Big Poppy and I have laughed (and come close to tears because of how hard we were laughing) watching Little Guy motor around.

Picture it, Little Guy, all cute and smiley, walking over you to give you a great big hug. Now add to the picture that when Little Guy is moving as quickly as he can, he does not bend his knees. His arms are straight out to his side ready to wrap them around your neck. He's very proud of himself (as he should be!) for walking over you and is laughing uncontrollably.

It's hard not to laugh right along.

Then, of course, once Little Guy makes it you there are cheers. There are hugs. Then there is the spin around to send him Big Poppy's way.

Now repeat. Back to me.

More than once, as the jerky movements come my way, I cannot help but to start thinking of the old song, Mr. Roboto. Or it reminds me of the Tin Man when he needs a little oil.

I really wish I could describe the movements a little better. It brings a smile to my face just thinking about it. Here's a short clip trying to show you my "Mr. Roboto" but keep in mind, Little Guy is NOT camera shy. In fact, he loves the camera and always trys to rush over it to get a better glimps. Perhaps if Little Guy oiled up his knee joints a little bit, then the lower half of his body could keep up with how fast he wants to move. Instead, the camera usually means a face plant is sure to follow.

I swear, I love him but this is too funny not to share.

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