Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Twelve Month Photo's - FINALLY!

These may have been worth the wait but boy did it feel like I was waiting and waiting and waiting. The prints are ordered and I even decided to try a canvas enlargement. Can you guess which on may be gracing the fireplace mantle in the not to distance future (or it may be gracing the guest bedroom - I'm sure any guest would just love, love, love to see a giant head staring at them as they drift off to dream land)?

All of the photo's were taken in our house or in the our yard. It almost looks like I keep up the yard maintenance.

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  1. Great pics! My canvas guess ~ since you mentioned big head staring at them, maybe #3 ~ however I could see the family shot in canvas as well! I should really get smiley's newborn pics done.......oops! 3rd child syndrome!!!!!


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