Friday, June 25, 2010

One Girls Take - Instant Replay

Quite frequently since the incident I have heard all about instant replay. There must be some pretty slow news days to have the debate last so long or, maybe, the average baseball fan is just tired of the human error know, real life where we make mistakes. It's OK for the human factor when it's the perfection of an athlete but the human factor in intolerable when a mistake occurs.

All this talk has me thinking - what would it be like to have instant replay in every day life? Just thinking about the possibilities brings a grin to my face. Now this just might be an idea I can get behind.

Just think about it. All those times your significant other uses a tone you do not appreciate (nothing Big Poppy would ever do of course). No longer will it be your opinion. Stroll on over to the replay monitor, gently place the headset on your loved ones head and watch with great joy when they finally hear the not so pleasant tone.


How about the guy driving like a maniac. You could patiently follow him home, knock on the front door and with his family watch as he zips in and out of traffic 90 mph. Think of the gratification showing a maniac driver the road trouble they caused and know he will be getting an earful from his in home back-seat driver at the supper table.

Hmmm, I'm starting to get behind the idea of instant replay. This could really be useful in our lives.

There are more possibilities with instant replay.

Have you ever been in the heat of the moment and your words failed you? Hours or days later you have the PERFECT response. Fire up the replay, bring everyone back to the moment and BAM, hit them with your fitting remark.

And the time you were telling co-workers about the horrify yet funny article you read on-line about a family living out of their car and how you felt so bad because you couldn't believe this was happening but at the same time felt guilty because you could not help but laugh.... Well, it would never be brought up again because you surely wouldn't have been naive enough not to know what The Onion paper. There is no way, your own "you're so pretty" moment would be replayed over and over and over again. (This absolutely did not happen to me. I also have some ocean front property in Arizona for sale for a great price.)

Well, on second thought, perhaps instant replay isn't such a good idea. Maybe we should let people mistakes and own up to the blunder. It might just be OK to remember we are human and we all make mistakes. Besides, there is always Darwin's survival of the fittest theory. How long would we really last in a career if our mistakes were greater than our benefit.

Nevertheless, that's just one girls take. You can take instant replay but I'll leave it.

Taken the final season at the old stadium.

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