Friday, June 11, 2010

Lesson Learned

My girlfriend Les and I were catching up on the phone the other day. We quickly realized our lives are no longer the exciting life and times of college co-ed's (and thank goodness for that!). Safely settled into our lives, we have now come to rely on friends of friends of friends for a good laugh.

Before I share this little tale, there are parts that are not PC. Continue reading at your own risk - there is no adult only content.

This fun little tale begins with Les.

Les: Our lives are pretty dull but Travie (her hubby) heard a good story from a co-worker the other day...the co-worker's son is special needs and lives in an assisted living unit. The mom was talking to her son who kept insisting he had done a good job because he had caught himself a troll.

The next day on the phone, the son was still very proud of himself for catching a troll and was telling his dad about it.

The following day, while on the phone with his mom, the son again was talking about the troll he caught.

Not feeling quite right about her son going on for so long about catching a troll and more than a little nervous for his well being, the mom told her husband to go over and make sure their son was ok.

Well guess what.

The son did indeed catch a "troll".

A midget Jehovah's witnesses had come a knocking and the son caught his "troll" and locked him in a closet for THREE days.

Me: I can't stop laughing. I feel bad for the guy to locked in the closet, but really, that is too funny. He really caught himself a least in his mind.

Lesson Learned: Don't ignore signs for no solicitors. Those signs are there for a reason.

Lesson Learned: Les and I really need to get out more often.

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  1. Ok SERIOUSLY too funny! Of course in a non PC, scary kind of way.... ☺


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