Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Why I Started...Why I Continue

A long, long time ago, a fair faced gal met a strapping young guy. The two began to spend a lot of time together. They laughed. They played. They fell in love. Like most young people in love, the gal and guy knew they should spend the rest of their lives together. With many close family and friends, these two said “I do” and they lived happily ever after…well, this is true with a hiccup in between.

The young gal and guy started the rest of their life together, much like many young newlyweds. They had lots of love and not much savings but, who needs savings when you are 23 and 25 years old!?! As the young gal and guy grew older, their love deepened and the other parts of their future came together. With some financial security and a plan to ensure their stability, the gal and the guy decided it was time…to get a puppy… The two became three and quickly they wanted to become four.

Several years passed. Stress came into the gal and guys life. The two figured out the stress and found they loved one another even more and better than before. The three were still waiting to become four (sometimes patiently, sometimes impatiently). Anything (legal) was tried to bring the fourth into their family. Jokes were made about scooping up cute babies, but the waiting continued.

And then, eight years after deciding to become a family of four, the wait was over. A Little Guy came into their life. An angel selected them to love and raise her most special gift. The gal and the guy knew they needed a way to let the angel see their Little Guy grow into the person he was meant to be. Finding the best way came easy, with a little help from a college friend.

This friend had started her journey into blogging the very month Little Guy came into their lives. The gal had very much enjoyed reading and seeing the day to day life their college friend shared with her hubby, her kids, her dog…her Ordinary Miracles Of Life. The gal and the guy, now an extremely happy and proud mommy and daddy, knew how to include their angel in their life.

And so, Nothing Less Than A Miracle was born (the similar name to their college friend, is a coincidence from an email from the guy’s grandpa).

There have been benefits not considered when the blog started. Family and friends who are miles and miles away are able to watch Little Guy grow. When lives become busy and the guy and the gal are unable to see friends and family who live close by for a while, they can stop by to see what’s new. While, this blog might not have as much learning ideas for others, it does have LOVE. Lots of LOVE. And the gal and the guy hope to bring the love more often.


  1. So glad you started your blog! What a beautiful story of an amazing family! Thanks for linking up!

  2. i love it keep it up. till i get to meet little guy. i just love watching him grow. take care

  3. Adopted babies are the best. Chosen children are Gods way of giving us a special gift to cherish. Not flesh of our flesh, not bone of our bone, but never forget, not even for one minute, you were not born from under my heart, but from in it.


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