Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It's Your Birthday!

 It's your birthday Little Guy. You spend however you want.

If you want to eat all your pancakes before Mommy enters the kitchen. You can do that.

When asked how old you are you want to grin to show space in your upper two teeth and show us how big you are. You can do that.

While Big Poppy is helping make birthday cupcakes...

You want to attack the camera. You can do that.

If you want homemade mac-n-cheese. You can have that.

You can blow out your first candle.

You can take a first taste of frosting.

You can shove a cupcake in your face.

You can try to figure out how to have more frosting and less cupcake.

You can show Big Poppy and me how you are eating all the cupcake.

You smile big because it was so very tasting.

And, if on your birthday, you want to take one small little nap during the day and play all day long, fall asleep at 7 pm and not open presents on your birthday. You can do that too.

Happy First Birthday Little Guy! We love you! You are loved by so many, both near and far away.


  1. 1 already?! Sounds like he had a fabulous birthday! Happy 1st B-day little guy! ☺

  2. Little Man, know that we were thinking of you! Can't wait to help you celebrate at the birthday party!

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  4. You should link up! :) Have a great weekend!


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