Friday, May 14, 2010

Elevator Etiquette?

I admit, I do not really think about elevator etiquette all that often. Most days I try to take the stairs up to the office. Some mornings I'm lazy and call the elevator. Other mornings, someone was kind enough to hold the elevator for me...while I know taking the stairs is better for me I figure I should not slap someone else's random act of kindness in the face. When leaving the office, I normally take the elevator down - it's difficult to navigate the stairs going down in heels (too bad I am rarely wearing heels).

Once in the elevator, I am amazed when it is used to go up or down one flight of stairs. Elevators are slow. You have to wait for them. The doors open and close on turtle speed. I do not understand how some people going up or down one floor have that much extra time to stand around and wait.

I know there is elevator etiquette. I probably don't follow it most of the time (gasp - I talk to strangers and tell them to have a good day). I am also a modern woman. I don't expect special treatment because I am a girl. I wait for the blue hairs and the rude to get off the elevator before me.

Oh, do you see where I'm going.

The other day, on my way home, I jump into the elevator with about 6 guys. The only floor pushed was 2 (the walkway to the parking ramp). I was the last on the elevator. Now mind you, I'm modern and I'm conditioned by these young guys (most of whom I work with) that the "new elevator etiquette" is to exit youngest to oldest (and some young men wonder why they are single). The 6 guys I joined on the elevator appeared to by my age or slightly older. I am also conditioned to believe men of this age always wait for the ladies to exit first.

Imagine my surprise, when I am the last on the elevator - picture me, front and center of the elevator waiting for the doors to slide open - to have not one but two guys jump out in front of me while the doors were sliding open. There was a quick "excuse me". As I walked to my car, I was struck by this rudeness for some reason.

My Little Guy better follow proper elevator etiquette.

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