Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Race for a Cure

Each year Big Poppy and I, along with few thousand others get together. We walk (or run) together to help support and raise money for breast cancer. The 5k walk is more about seeing all the people and hearing their story than any fitness aspect. In fact, I believe the first mile takes just as long as the miles 2 and 3.

For some reason, this event is profound to me. When I started entering the Race for a the Cure 10 years ago, I had no idea the impact it would have on me. Every year I see or hear something that changes me. Not all of them are sad, some are funny. Here are the highlights over the years.

2000 - The Half-Rack Club - These ladies know how to have a good time.

2001 - Walking behind a man and his three boys and having it dawn on me their bibs said "In Memory of - My Mom" and realizing the youngest of the boys will likely not have many memories of his mom. He was just too young.

2002 - A friend of a friend walked with us this year. She was a young college student and I soon learned she lived most of her life with her aunt and uncle. Her dad had died in a car accident and a few years later her mom lost her battle with breast cancer.

2003 - Fight Like a Girl - This is the first time I remember seeing this phrase. I'm sure it goes further back, but really, doesn't this say it all. (This year, 2010, I saw a different play on it, Fight Like a Mom.)

2004 - This is a year I met a remarkable YOUNG lady. She was nineteen and a 1 year survivor of breast cancer. I cannot imagine the impact this has on her life and those around her. She knows how to fight like a girl!

2005 - Saving Second Base - This was the biggest group I have ever came upon and the group was split up! The power of friendship is simply amazing.
2006 - ThinkPink - A group of junior high students banded together to walk for their mom's.

2007 - Boobees - Need I say more. :)

2008 - Nana's Gang - 6 years free and countless children and grandchildren bringing a smile to her face.

2009 - Sleeping in for a Cure - I'm a loser and signed up for Sleeping in a for a Cure. This will be something I will regret missing out on.

2010 - Towards the end of the walk, we were next to a dad, mom and jog stroller. The little one was 2 1/2. It turns out the "mom" was not the mom. She was an aunt. The tag on the stroller said "In Memory of - The Best Mommy Ever".

We walk and support those who are fighting and helping every day. Little Guy's first official race was not one about having the fastest time. It was one about having the best time with those around us.
I'm good right here, with you. This is a lot of people. About 50,000 to be exact.

A 5k is a long way for me and it was early in the morning.

Just a few of our friends.

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  1. I was watching the news and saw what a wonderful turn out it was. One of these years I will have to ditch all plans and go with you. What an amazing event.


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