Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Saddest-Sweetesy Thing

The saddest, yet sweetest, occurrence is happening in our home. It brings joy to some and tears to others. The highs and lows are all the result of a common incident. Like all good drama, there is an instigator.

When Big Poppy picks up the leash our home become full of emotions.

The Happy Boy (Jeter) cannot stop jumping with excitement because he get’s to go potty or go for a walk.

The Sad Boy (Little Guy) moves has fast as he can to the front door when a coat is not put on him because he knows he’s not going along. Once Big Poppy has the leash on The Happy Boy, the tears roll down The Sad Boy’s face.

And then, I get to watch this, The Sad Boy patiently waiting for Big Poppy and The Happy Boy to finish with their business in the front yard. Once The Sad Boy sees Big Poppy and The Happy Boy start their walk back to our house, then I get to see The It’s Going To Be OK Boy.

I sure hope Little Guy wants to spend all his time with us when he’s older.

NOTE: After a brief delay, I’m back and will get the vacation update and other updates up quickly. My only excuse is me. Every spare moment I have been spending with Little Guy and have not wanted to take any time for anything else. Then, while Little Guy is sleeping, I’ve been lazy. The couch, Big Poppy, tivo and I became way too close. Thankfully for all of us, I am getting bored with the tv again.

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