Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My Same Goals

I am amazed by people who are able to keep family and friends up to date with their daily lives this time of the year. They must have figured out better planning ahead than I have done. Most years I have the same goals - 1) Get better organization, 2) Lose Weight and 3) Spend more time with family and friends.

This past year I have been able to achieve #3. It was great reconnecting and maintaining connections with those we care for. I am not perfect and have had my moments of failing to keep up. Instead of moving on and trying to find the time in the future I have instead made the time. I can still improve so this will be on my list of items again in 2010. You can never get enough time with your family and friends (now if only I could get some younger family members to be on the same page with me - I remember the days of wanting my friends more than my family so I sympathize but I also want them to be smarter than I was).

Becoming more organized was a double edge sword for me this past year. In order to have more time with family and friends I needed to have everything planned out better. I started in the office. I changed the timing schedule for staff to the drop dead dates to me. I thought it worked out nicely...until I looked closer. Because of the drop dead dates, it meant that changes required needed to happen quickly. While they were given more time on the front end, there was less time on the back end and caused them undo stress. Then there were the times the drop dead date was missed because it took longer than planned. While my time was down quite a bit due to this organization, it really caused unknown stress to others in the office. Which leads me to the changes I'll try this year. Drop dead dates are a thing of the past and staff will know when the date projects need to be to the partners. Then we can work together on deciding the timing that will work for both us. No sense causing them undo stress if it can be avoided by having them a bigger part of the process.

Organization at home - this went out the window in May and I am so happy it did. This will need to be addressed with Little Guy too in the coming year. Perhaps he can start doing some laundry or dishes? Oh wait, he's job is to be a cute and happy guy. So far Little Guy does this quite well. See for yourself.

Losing weight - some day I'll be happy with it all the time. It goes back to home organization and making sure I make the time to workout. Planning is key. Follow through is even more important.

And so, I know the priorities and I make sure they are always number 1. Big Poppy, Little Guy and Jeter are always in the fore front of my mind. They are what truely make my life so wonderful.

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  1. Look at his little face!! He is so cute! Happy holidays!



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