Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dear Santa Clause

Dear Santa Clause,

It was so nice to meet you this past Sunday. You are as warm and friendly as the stories imply. I had a nice breakfast with my Daddy, Mommy, Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle, Aunt and cousin – though it would have been even better if my other Uncle, Aunt and counsin could have joined us, maybe next year.

It sure was nice of you to let me and my family take a look around The Day in the Life of an Elf. It looks like the elf’s get up really early. I’m thankful I don’t have to get up that early every day but if you ever need help making toys or wrapping the presents give me a call.

I have included a couple pictures we took together on Sunday. I know you are a busy guy and I thought this might help you remember our talk. I also included a picture you took with my cousin and her Mommy and Daddy. She was a little scared of you. Next time I’ll make sure to sit with her and hold her hand, then she won’t be so scared.

Thanks again for taking the time to meet on Sunday. I hope you have a good flight and you get a lot of milk and cookies (I can’t wait until I can eat cookies). I am also putting in my top five gifts we discussed, but go ahead and choose anything you think is best for a little boy like me. My Mommy and Grandma will probably make sure I get everything else.

1. Hockey Skates – Daddy thinks it will be really cool if I skate before I walk.

2. Dog Treats – I really love my puppy Jeter and would like to give him more treats during the day even though Mommy says he should only have one or two treats a day.

3. Colorful Lights – One of my favorite things to do is sit and look at the pretty bright lights. Right now there are all kinds of lights inside and outside. It would be nice to have this year round.

4. Bite Size Toy – It is so fun putting everything in my mouth. If I could have a little bite size toy I would be a happy boy.

5. Sled – You remember my puppy Jeter, right. He loves to play outside and we now have snow. It would be nice if Jeter would be able to pull me in my very own sled.

Little Guy


  1. Who knew he was a boy of so many words! LOVE his list! All I can get out of Smiley is that she wants a llaaa and a daah and a ooffff and finally a rrrrrggguughhhhh.


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