Monday, December 7, 2009

Brandy Slush

Sometimes in the summer I will whip up a brandy slush to keep in the freezer and drink on a hot Saturday night. Right now I am weighing my options of purchasing brandy in the "off" season. Then I am considering my options: 1) drink it myself to sleep thru the night or 2) have Little Guy rub some on his gums to help him sleep thru the night or 3) stare at the bottle at 2 am wishing I had the mentality to follow thru on option 1 or 2. For those that do not know me, I will be staying the course with option 3 but instead of staring at a brandy bottle, I am likely staring out the window wishing there was something I could do for Little Guy.

In the course of seven days, three, YES THREE, teeth have popped up. The first two are in the back of his mouth, which is unusual I hear, and the last one poked through Saturday night right on his bottom front. Little Guy has really handled it pretty well, except for at night when he needs constant reminder Big Poppy and I are here.

Night one of this I was game. I love snuggling with Little Guy. Night seven I was very thankful that around 12:30 Big Poppy decided to take Little Guy into the spare bedroom so one of could sleep. I checked in on them around 4:30 and by 6 am Big Poppy, Little Guy and Jeter were all back in our bedroom.

I really do love each milestone. Watching Little Guy grow and become his own person is wonderful. Big Poppy and I have the best seats to watch this growth. However, it might be nice if Little Guy slept thru the night tonight which is why I weigh my brandy slush options before I head off to zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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  1. Mmmm, Brandy slush :)
    I know this stinks, but keep in mind that this all ends, they grow, he won't need you for these reasons again, and you will never get these moments back! That being said ~ good luck and I do hope you get some sleep ;)


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