Monday, November 23, 2009

My Inner Teenager

Big Poppy indulged my inner brat teenager this weekend. After my obsession with the Twilight books and my concern over who would win in a duel between Mitch and Edward, Big Poppy played chaperone and suffered sat through New Moon.

Per the norm, the books outshine the movie. As long as you are ok with that going into the show there is no problem.

However, my inner teenage would not allow me to forget my true age. At what point did it start to feel slimy when a young man does not have his shirt on? When did it become wrong to look? I am thinking the next time I want to enjoy a movie with young men in it, I will need to retrain my mind instead of just my heart of my inner age.

Or, maybe a vodka gimlet before the movie will help me forget how much younger the actors are in the show.

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