Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Off to Grandpa's

We are taking off for the trip to Grandpa's today. My Grandpa's house. Most of the day will be spent in the car, listening to books on tape, curious how long Little Guy lasts before he says "Enough! Let me out!". It brings back memories of road trips to family from my younger days.

"Are we there yet?"

"How long are we staying?"

"All my friends are at home."

OK, Little Guy may not be ready to say these items. He still thinks it great to hang out with your family.

However there are other young adults in the my family. Like me when I was younger they are looking for more friend time and less family time.

I look at the sweet little beings they once were and wonder, at what age does it become uncool to be off to Grandpa's. And then I wonder, at what age does it become cool once again to be off to Grandpa's.

And then I wonder, how will I handle it when Little Guy says he does not want to spend as much time with Big Poppy and I.

Finally, when I start to sound like a grown-up. Yikes!


  1. Don't worry so much about the what-ifs and forget about the here-and-now. Enjoy the time you have now - before he learns he can say no! The babe is only 4 months and I still have to remind myself that soon enough she'll be dating-YIKES!!

    Happy Hump Day!!

    ~Working Mommy
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