Wednesday, November 4, 2009


As a baby gift, we received a Beaba Babycook along with a Cooking for Baby cookbook. I cannot describe how excited I was with this gift for a couple reasons. 1) It had been my idea to make Little Guy’s baby food and 2) I never knew there were actual products out there to make the mashing easier. These can easily happen without a Beaba Babycook or a baby cookbook but I like knowing there are three lovely ladies who knew me well enough to think I would be interested in making Little Guy’s baby food (I had not shared this with anyone).

Recently I was able to try out the Beaba Babycook. The amount of time, effort and money involved in making your own baby food is nothing. If you are lucky like me, someone will help you with the “start-up” costs. If you are smart like some of my friends, it will dawn on you all the tools you need are probably in your kitchen already. After a few uses, I already love my Beaba Babycook but you can get the same results with a blender or magic bullet.

I love peas. I mean I LOVE peas. I could probably eat them every day and not tire of the taste. I do not eat them every day because Big Poppy says, “I eat them.” Little Guy is going to fall into “I love peas” side of the coin if I have anything to say about it.

The debate began with Big Poppy getting Little Guy. Do you notice what the bib says?

After Little Guy's first bite it appears he is enjoying his first taste of peas.

I might even say Little Guy loves peas.

Though I will be the first to admit he is not ready to feed himself yet.

Making the pea puree was super easy.

Steam the peas to retain more nutrients. Then blend/puree with nothing or a little water or formula, depending on the consistency desired. You can freeze in an ice cube tray and then transfer to a bag for up to three months or enjoy it all now. See how easy it is.

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