Sunday, October 4, 2009

Who Will Know

The past two weeks have been a turning point in our little household. Gone are the days of stealing kisses from Little Guy at any time. Big Poppy and I are now both full-time employees again and Little Guy started daycare.

While we are very happy with our daycare choice, that first Monday was still unsettling. Who at the daycare is going to know that Little Guy trying to eat both his fists at the same time is his way of saying, “I need a bottle and I need it soon, very soon.” Will they sing Take Me Out to the Ballgame when Little Guy seems inconsolable because he is tired but does not want to miss the action?

These thoughts and other little things run through your mind those first few days of daycare (or the first two weeks). Realizing these things are little, there are no huge fears, and I am just being an overly worrisome mommy helps calm you (the power of positive thinking). Little Guy is safe and having fun with the other young infants, who will soon be his best buds.

Worrying was all for nothing. Little Guy’s daycare was as great as we thought it would be. Daycare even told me that they love how Little Guy giggles and smiles so easily and the other infants are giggling more now with Little Guy in the room. Yet again, Little Guy wins over a room. His charisma continues to shine.

At the afternoon pick-up, Little Guy hears your voice and starts looking around the room. Once he finds you, a huge grin breaks across his face. It melts your heart!

Jeter is also adjusting. Once again, Jeter’s days allow peace, quiet and LONG naps. Well rested, Jeter is full of energy again and the interaction between Little Guy and Jeter grows and deepens.

It is so much fun to watch and see. It leads to me question, “Who needs cable with a child and a puppy?”

Oh wait, Big Poppy’s withdrawals from Sports Center might be too much to handle.

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