Thursday, October 29, 2009


Lately I have been thinking.

Well, that probably did not sound exactly right, hopefully I have always been thinking.

But, lately I have been focusing my thinking on my friends, my family and all that I have.

Lately I have been hearing about divorce. Families faced with divorce. Friendships faced with divorce.

Lately I have been wondering, should I be looking at my friendships closer.

And then I remember, lately I have been focusing on regaining old friendships. Lately I have been building my family ties. Lately I have been truely blessed beyond my wildest dreams.

I remind myself we all at different places at different times in our lives. Our strongest ties, whether great girlfriends or terrific families, have their weak points. During the weak points, my job as a great friend (hopefully your family are also your friends and your friends are part of your family) is to be here, waiting or helping, whatever they need.

When I was ready to focus my attention earlier this year on my friendships I was welcomed back. It was slow and akward, on my end, to reach out. I became withdrawn and focused on a career because the family I dreamed of having was not happening. There are still more friendships I need to strengthen again but I love having my girlfriends back. I love speaking weekly with family.

These are not all of my inner circle but while Big Poppy and Little Guy cheer on the Yankees, I was looking through old photo's. Some of us our thinner now. Some of us are not. All of us are happy and healthy.

A few of my favorite things.

Soon after refocusing on what is truely important in my life, Big Poppy and I received the call for the greatest gift ever. You may say it was luck or coincidence and I will kindly nod, it could be. Then I will suggest karma. Do good and good returns. I fostered my loving relationships and an even bigger love entered my life.

Lately, I may be sad over familes going through divorce. Lately, I may be confused on friendships ending.

But, recently, I have remembered what is important. Recently I was able to recommit to my friends. Recently, I have reminded myself when they are ready they will love again.

I hope you remember what is important in your life and take the time (and effort) to recommit to strengthening the important aspects. I hope I am part of your life, whether big or small. I hope the path you choose leads you back to friends and family.

Because lately I want everyone to feel love and happiness.


  1. Dang, who are those great lookin' gals? You are so correct! There are times we need to step back and look at our relationships ~ for the good and bad. In our crazy, busy world it is sometimes hard to give them the priorities they deserve. On that note, LETS PLAN A GIRLS DAY/WEEKEND! Come on ladies... Anyone? We NEED a new picture ~ personally, I love my post Smiley baby weight :)

  2. Did I write baby weight from Smiley? If I did, I totally meant Sassy.

  3. That's funny. I was thinking it was Action. :)


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