Thursday, October 8, 2009

1 in 54,088

UPDATE/CLARIFICATION: Little Guy was not at the football game on Monday night. We enjoyed the game from the comforts home (Well, really someone else's home with awesome food and a host that literally ate the entire first half. I do not know how he did not explode.) He was also not in attendance at the baseball game. GrandC and I attended with two other family friends while Big Poppy and Little Guy cheered from home. Big Poppy was kind enough to send me updated pictures of Little Guy via text messaging throughout the game. I was kind enough to send Big Poppy pictures of the back of a former baseball player head that was four rows in front of me and then made Big Poppy guess who the guy was.


The other night I was 1 in 54,088.

And while our Monday night football did not turn out in our favor.

(I don't know if the attitude is from the loss or Big Poppy's shirt. It's a toss up.)

Tuesday night was BIG WIN and a great place to be (thank you Big Poppy for staying home with Little Guy).

And while last nights game between


did not go our way, I keep in mind, this week I was 1 in 54,088.

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