Sunday, October 4, 2009

Open Wide

Early today...

Big Poppy was checking on his fantasy baseball team.

The home was filled with Little Guy's laughter as I raised him up over my head and then down to kiss his cheeks.

And quite suddenly, I am shrieking. Little Guy is crying. Big Poppy is raising down the stairs to see what has happened.

At just the right moment, Little Guy launched this...

...into my mouth.

I shriek.

Little Guy cries because my shriek has scared him.

Big Poppy laughs.

How was your Sunday evening?


  1. Now thats what you call sharing! Thank God they are cute! Our husbands that is or they would not live long :)

  2. Is is weird to say that I know EXACTLY what that tastes like? Yep, I do. Not good :(


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