Monday, July 26, 2010

We have Not Left the Country

Has it felt like we've been gone for a while and does it feel like we have left the country? Let me assure you, we have been snuggled up nicely this month, in our home. We have not left the country NOR have we had much of dreamland trips. Our pleasant dreams have been apparently awaken each night for most of July with cries of pain.

It hasn't been Jeter.

It hasn't been Big Poppy.

It's Little Guy.

And now I know why. This past week Little Guy ran a low grade fever and it went up to 101 degrees on Monday and then again on Friday. When the low grade fever started, Big Poppy and I were waiting for a new tooth to pop through Little Guy's gums. Nothing surfaced.

On Friday I decided it was time to take Little Guy to see the pediatrician. He's been a very healthy little boy. The only times Little Guy has been to the doctor is when it's time for his check-ups. A quick look in Little Guy's mouth and the pediatrician found the problem. Little Guy is getting in a molar tooth and there is a cyst.

Here's a thought, if a cyst is nothing to be concerned about there should be another name for it. Saying the word cyst to a Mommy will cause the heart to stop momentarily. Maybe you should start a little differently instead of saying here, look, it's a cyst but nothing to worry about it. Once the tooth pops through the cyst will pop up and there will be lots of blood but don't be concerned. At this point, once the cyst pops through, the pain will be relieved and unfortunately there isn't really much we can do for the pain. And then follow-up with you think it will be another two weeks before the tooth pops through Little Guy's gums.

Little Guy also has an ear infection is in right ear and the pediatrician comment how great it was that he hasn't had one until now. (I guess we must be doing something right!) A quick prescription of amoxicillin and we are on our way.

And so, this weekend, while we have not left the country, we have not had much dreamland, we have however, had plenty of ice cream and popsicles. Nice cold and soothing ice cream and popsicles to help numb the gums. Little Guy has been living it up this weekend.

Unfortunately, ice cream does not seem appropriate in the middle of the night. Tonight, Mommy is persona non grata. Big Poppy is down comforting Little Guy since Mommy just won't do. I'm up here, feeling guilty for all kinds of reasons but mostly I'm feeling terrible that while we can give Little Guy a little bit of Acetaminophen (Tylenol) or Ibuprofen (Motrin) it really isn't going to stop the pain, just lessen it.

Poor Little Guy.


  1. Awhhhh, poor baby! And I do agree with you, it should not be called a cyst! Hope he feels better soon!

  2. Awww!! Poor little man!!! Hope he feels better!


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