Friday, February 5, 2010

What Must Jeter Think

Jeter, my favorite puppy in the world, hears most of my thoughts. My puppy is more than a puppy. Jeter is definitely a family member. If anyone ever forgets Jeter's place, he'll be happy to remind you he is not a dog. As with any good family member, there may be times he hears things. Things that cause eyes to roll into the back of your head.

Last night, I am not sure it was eye rolling worthy, but Jeter did look at Big Poppy and I and shake his head. Let me set the scene.

It is approximately 9:30 pm. Little Guy has long been snuggled into his bed for the night. Big Poppy and I are vegged out on the couch. I have just finished a piece of cake, a glass of milk and pretend I am going to drink the glass of wine I just had to have (I may be known for having to have a glass a wine on school night and come morning, the glass is still sitting virtually untouched in the morning). Since it is 9:30 pm and the Tivo has finished up White Collar, it is a predicament.

It seems a little early to head off to bed but vegging out to another tv show might result in an inadvertent nap on the couch. There are some bottles to be washed but I think Big Poppy can handle those in the morning. What to do? What to do?

HM: Let's watch 15 minutes of The Vampire Diaries. Then I'll be ready for bed and will watch the rest later without you. (BP is not a fan.)

BP: *eye roll* OK.

Roughly 15 minutes later - BP exits living and takes Jeter outside one more time for the night. HM remains motionless on the couch.

BP and Jeter return from outside. BP sits down next to HM.

BP: *heavy sigh*

10 minutes pass.

BP: You lied. We are going to watch the whole thing.

HM: *Smirking* I just can't help myself. What can I say? I'm really a 13 year old girl.

BP: Can you at least be 18 so you are legal?

HM: *Quick side glance to BP* You're sick (BP is indeed ill, the common cold has struck). Nothing tonight. I don't have to be legal. I'm sticking with being 13.

BP: *HEAVY sigh*

Jeter: *Looks up at HM and BP. Shakes head in disbelief and thinks....*

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