Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Crafty Poppy

I like the wood letters to spell out names or use as initials. I do not like the price tag normally associated with each letter. (I prefer to spend my money on other things. I do not normally find the same value in home decor items as the price tag associated with these items. However, I am not always good. I have spent waaaaay too much money on framing or pictures before. Too bad it was years ago and I am now tired the way they look and am trying to revamp our home decor.)

While at the trusty Michael's store looking at frames for my "nesting project", I stumbled upon wood letters. Even better, the price I was willing to spend (truth be told, I would have been willing to spend more than the asking price). Big Poppy, Little Guy and I found some paint - no plain white letters for this little guy - and brushes. All in all, the time at Michael's was well utilized.

Since this is my heaviest time of the year for work and Big Poppy's lightest time of the year (isn't it nice how that works out.) (Is it just me or do I seem to be a little over board with the () today?) (I'm going with it.), Big Poppy took charge off painting. And painting. And painting. Then I did some painting, and a little more painting.

At this point I am beginning to think the 59 cent paint was not worth the 59 cents. I even went so far as to pick up some spray paint over this past weekend, only to return it the next day (I decided since it is cold and snowy outside, spray paint in the house might not be the best idea). I painted again and yesterday, my hubby, Mr. Crafty himself (really he is not crafty but when given a task, he is excellent at completing the project at had) put the final coat on the wood letters for Little Guy's room.

For the price of less than seven dollars but more coats of paint than Big Poppy can count (I can count my layers of contribution, it was 5 coats...I wonder if this is why I am the accountant, I can count.) I have wood letters in my home.

Crafty Poppy project in process.

The current resting place on the ledge in Little Guy's room....but I think it may be moved.

This may be a good spot for the wood letters to be hung vertically.


  1. I also love letters! Nice job, and I think they'd look good in either spot :)

  2. We'll see. The letters will stay put for now. I have a landscape picture of TCF Stadium that may go over there. If that happens, after I get it framed up, then the letters will move. It could be a while. :)


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