Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekend Ice

Little Guy is waaaaay into hockey. He likes other things but loves hockey...and Mickey and Nemo. A perfect day for Little Guy right now is one spent watching hockey (or shooting the puck in the house) with Mickey and Nemo at his side.

Earlier this year Big Poppy and Little Guy went skating for the first time. There were big grins as Big Poppy hunched over and helped Little Guy along. Needless to say, it didn't take long before Big Poppy's back was sore and he needed a break. However, Little Guy wanted none of that. He carefully made his way out to the ice.

Yesterday we all went skating together. Let me point I grew up in state where hockey was only seen on tv. People who skated did so on 4 wheels and may or may not have had a big old round break on the front of the skate. (In college I did purchase my first pair of roller blades and a few summers ago I got a second pair. Big Poppy and I would skate the bike trails and he will do circles around me - literally. The showoff also likes to skate backwards much faster and safer than I do facing forward. This has a point - maybe.)

As I was saying, yesterday we all went skating together. We brought the camera to capture the fun times. And it was fun. But I learned that I need to take some skating lessons if I am going to be out on the ice. Little Guy prefers to have Big Poppy hold him while going really fast than to sit around and wait for a normal speed with Mommy. I will be purchasing a helmet for Little Guy before we go out on the ice again. The visions of him slipping and Big Poppy not catching him where too much for me. No pictures will be taken when I cannot trust my skating skills with camera - there was no way I was going to be helping Little Guy.

And I do find it odd that I wanted to go skating as the season is changing to spring.

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