Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Eggs

On Tuesday night I boiled water - twice. It appears if you try to save time by putting water on the stove to boil while you eat supper, odds are a person is going to forget about the high flames and water evaporation when you leave to go to the dining room. Just about the time supper is over and you are thinking about clearing off the table, guess what, there is a smell you can't quite place and then the sprint to the kitchen stops everyone else in their tracks. The only harm, water evaporation and pride - apparently I can't boil water properly despite considering myself a pretty good cook. The next time I am going to save time, I will be sure to set a timer.

With the now hard boiled eggs we were ready to dye our Easter Eggs last night (here's Wikipedia's take on why we have Easter Eggs). At first Little Guy had some other ideas on what we should do. Can you see the marker on the floor, not the paper. Thank you Favorite Aunt, until now we used washable crayons, colored pencils and these things I can't recall the name of but the markers only color on special paper; you are lucky the markers on the floor washed up rather easily.

It didn't take long after Little Guy saw the white eggs turning different colors before he was ready to join in on the fun.

Having a not-quite-two put eggs into water gently is a bit of a feat. I did find it comical that soon he caught on. You just have to say "gently, gently" and Little Guy will start to whisper "gently, gently". Now we just need to work on what gently actually means. We may have a few cracked eggs from Little Guy, but the colored splashes are quite spectacular.

As I was looking at the Easter Eggs this morning, I wondered what I did differently when I was younger. It seems to me I had even colors on the Easter Eggs. Is this a product of lack of patience last night? Or perhaps my family was a little smarter than I was and purchased more than one dye kit to allow more water in the cup and allowing the eggs to be fully immersed in the color? (I think I am going that option next year.)

Now the wait for the Easter Egg Hunt!

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