Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Just Like Brett

I might be just like Brett. (For all you Vikes fans, guess which team he will officially retire with before heading off to the hall of fame.)

As I was saying, I might be just like Brett.

We are both on the other side of 30 although I can honestly say I'm in my younger 30's (at least for a little while longer).

We both like to hear people love us and want us.

We both enjoy fall sports, so much so that perhaps we are playing past our prime.

I had this thought on Saturday at our co-ed football game. Or maybe my similarity to Brett popped into my mind yesterday. If my memory serves, and it may fail from time to time, on Saturday I had a feeling I was more like Peyton. In the huddle, determining who I would throw the ball to (I'm not a great QB but in a forced gender play I can get the job done and, well, we had a few too many forced gender plays on Saturday) and knowing when I was going to connect for a first down or a touchdown. I imagine, there are times when Peyton just knows, this is going to be a big play.

A comparison to Peyton's play may be a bit of a leap but after my embarrassing and shameful showing on the softball field on Friday (it caused Little Guy to cry), Saturday morning was the perfect confidence builder. I got the job done and then some. As we speak recruiters are checking on my college eligibility...or maybe not. But I had a great game and was disappointed Little Guy missed my redemption (Big Poppy and Little Guy were at the college football game with a friend and his son).

And then yesterday, my bubble burst. As I trying every way possible to stretch my arm and shoulder it dawned on me.

I might be just like Brett...the Brett of today.

We are both moving a little slower. Recover times take longer. Throwing shoulders need to be warmed up prior to a game.

Yep, Brett and me. Getting old together - sorta.

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