Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Raspy Baby

My baby isn't himself.

Little Guy has a spring bug of some sort. A runny nose, no problem. Wanting to snuggle all day and all night, I'll take it while I can get it - all too soon he'll run from the sight of huggy his mommy or daddy. The strained vocal cords are a little tougher because I know how his throat must hurt. The prospect of not going on our upcoming family vacation is disappointing, despite my own previous personal thoughts (new day, new attitude!) I was looking forward to showing Little Guy the magic around us.

The toughest part? It would be a toss up between 1) knowing Little Guy is uncomfortable and there is only so much I can give him and I can only give it to him every four hours (it seems to only last about 2 hours) or 2) the 3:32 am car drive so Little Guy can sleep while I hope my own eyes stay open to see any other crazy parents with one eye closed so their special little one can sleep.

Even though all kids catch a bug now and then, I wasn't prepared for how difficult it would be for me. In reality, while the lack of sleep isn't ideal but it's managable. Little Guy is very active and curious. He's getting more and more independent. For Little Guy to want to snuggle all day and all night and virtually ignore Jeter, we know he's not in tip top shape. I cannot describe how horrible it feels to know I cannot make him better. The children's medicine can help but with a cold its just going to take time.

There is an up side, Little Guy is on the mend. He had a good nights sleep last night which means Big Poppy and I had a good nights sleep. Tax day is coming up fast which means more free time. Vacation is around the corner and I do believe we will be on track for our departure.

The downside...Little Guy is wanting less snuggle time. It is a good thing, I do know this. But that doesn't mean I can't be slightly sad he chooses a toy over mommy. (The only logical solution, donate the toys.)

Big Poppy & Little Guy catching some shut eye.

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  1. Hope little guy is feeling better! Have a great time on your trip!


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